In mood of temptation(在诱惑的情绪下)
takes over my mind condemned(接管我有罪的心)
fallen weak on my knees(无力跪倒)
summon the strength of mayhem(召唤毁灭的力量)

I am the storm that is approaching(我是步步逼近的风暴)
provoking black clouds in isolation(唤醒樊笼中的乌云)
I am reclaimer of my name(我收回我名)
born in flames(生于火焰)
I have been blessed(受尽祝福)
my family crest is the demon of death(我的家徽是死之恶魔)
forsakened, I am awakened(见弃,我已觉醒)
a phoenix, ashs & dark, divine(凤凰,灰烬与黑暗,神圣)
descending misery(苦难降临)
destiny chasing time(命运在追逐时光)inherit the nightmare(继承了噩梦)
surrounded by fate(那命运包围的噩梦)
can't run away(无路可逃)
keep walking the line(一路行在)
between the life(生命的中线)
led astray(早已迷失)

the beacon holds, I won't surrender(灯塔在,我不会投降)
the truth revealed in eyes of ember(余烬的眼中显露真相)
we fight through fire and night forever(我们一路杀过火与黑夜)
two souls, onces lost and now they remember(两条灵魂,曾遗忘如今又记得)

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